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Steve – UK

March 24, 2012


A quick photo of the Feb 29th moon and stars as seen from a Birmingham garden.  I like to think of all the people in the world right now, throughout history and in the future that will hopefully look up at wonderful night skies and see the same beauty.  And even though it’s a bit cliché, it’s nice to cuddle a loved one as you both gaze at the heavens. This is not one of my better photos I have to say – but the thought was there! :o)


Marie – Isle of Man

March 23, 2012
After being really excited about this project for some time now I only went and forgot to take a picture walking home from work tonight, which was my intention.  So instead I’m afraid I’ve submitted one of the hallway of my  house, taken from about halfway up the stairs.  I’m actually glad about it though, because at some point all those coats will be tidied away and the floor will be painted white and that hideous glass door will be gone, why I haven’t got rid of it in the 18 years I’ve lived here I really don’t know.  But its days are numbered. So this will be a record of what it used to look like. I’m Marie, I’m 40 and I live in the Isle of Man.

Kayliegh – UK

March 22, 2012


Kayleigh Milnes
Female aged 26
Apsley, Hertfordshire

‘Hide and Seek’. Play time with the kittens.

Rachel – UK

March 22, 2012

Photo by Rachel AppsAge 37
London, UK

These are my boys at Wembley Stadium. We went to see England v Holland tonight, it was great, even though England lost. The nearly five-year-old and nearly two-year-old both stayed awake for the entire match! It was definitely worth feeling this shattered at the end of the night, knowing we’ve made some great family memories here.

Gayle – UK

March 20, 2012


Yesterday when I was walking to Tesco on my lunch break I saw a crow pulling up lumps of moss from the edge of the grass, I suppose he was looking for worms.
Between then and lunchtime today he had made his way along the whole length of grass and the pavement was littered with all the lumps of moss he had pulled up.

Gayle, Twenty-Something, Central Scotland.

Rachel – UK

March 19, 2012

Rachel – Brampton, Cumbria age 34

I decided to photograph my phone because it is one of the first things people comment on when they visit my house. It is old and reassuring and it says I live in Bournemouth. This last bit is a lie, but sometimes I like imagining that I do.

It seems especially appropriate to photograph my phone today though. Today has been a day of waiting for the phone to ring. It has been a day for waiting to hear about hospitals beds and houses, and new collaborations. It has been a day of ups and downs, excitement and disappointment and in-between all of that photographs have arrived from all over the world and my Android Phone (which took the picture of this phone) has beeped and flashed to announce their arrival.

Samantha – USA

March 18, 2012


My name is Samantha. I am a 44-year-old woman. These “Horses in the Snow” live across the road from me in a rural area of New York State called Hastings (we’re much closer to Canada than to NYC). They love to play in the snow, although we haven’t had very much snow this year. All of us are looking forward to spring!