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 February 29th – A brief History 

It took me to the age of 26 to realise that February 29th was a very special day and one that needed celebrating and if it hadn’t been for Grainne Lynch I might never have come to this realisation.

“make plans for February 29th. It only happens once every 4 years, so it’s worth making a bit of fuss”

– Grainne Lynch,  Freinds Of The Heroes, January  9th,  2004.

Afterall people celebrate lots of  things, the day they were born,  the day two people get married, the day  that someone tried to blow up the houses of parliament, so why not celebrate a day that only exists once every four years?

 I pondered ways in which I could celebrate this day. Take the day off  work,  go out with some friends and drink alcohol, make a cake and buy presents for people? Nothing seemed quite special enough for the rarest day in the  calendar. Finally I concluded that it was impossible for just one person to honor such a special sufficently. No, this day was so special it needed the help of lots of people to celebrate it

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