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Tom – Kenya

March 4, 2012
This year 29th February reminds me a very simple thing and that is one of the vital steps that we have made for the last four years and the small steps have changed lives
A leapyear comes after every four years so the last leap year was celebrated on Friday 28th February 2008, around that time our UK friends planned a visit to Kenya and the visit was scheduled to take place in June/July.
One of my friends(Dave Queen) from the Uk asked me what we could do during the visit.I suggested we could do small scale farming project like growing kales and pumpkins.when he came to Kenya he and other friends bought seeds and we started  a pioner project with  one of our students Lawrence Abuya. Today when we mark this leap year, the project has doubled and so far 10 students have benefited and the group has 22 sheep amongst other benefits.
That is why I have liked the photo of the first born sheep that belongs to one of our stdents Treezer!
I am male Kenyan aged 35 years.
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